Revo Technologies, fintech player specialized in Buy Now Pay Later in Russia and Central Europe, launches on Mintos

Revo Technologies is a fintech player, specialized in providing Buy Now Pay Later services in online and offline stores in Russia, Poland, and Romania. According to the local rating agency RA expert and market reports, the company is among the largest players in its segment in its geographies. 

With Revo Technologies’ loans, investors on Mintos can expect annual returns of up to 10% (loans in EUR) and up to 14% (loans in RUB).

Revo Technologies was founded in 2012. Since then, the company has grown its network of partners to more than 100 major national and international retailers and its services are now available to consumers in more than 6,500 stores (,  The company acquires its high-quality customer base primarily through its retailer network and its loans are offered to consumers at attractive rates, partially or fully subsidized by retailers. 

In addition to store finance, the company offers its highest-quality borrowers a range of other instalment products, including to pay their utility bills, top up the phone, withdraw cash, and transfer money to friends and family. The company does not offer payday loans. As a result of its focus on small-ticket instalments, Revo’s loan portfolio is well diversified with an average loan of 126 EUR and a short duration, on average of 7 months.

At the end of 2019, Revo Technologies’ client base included more than 4.0 million unique registered customers, During 2019, Revo financed 700 000 purchases totalling 84.0 million EUR.

Revo Technologies (Mokka) on Mintos

Revo Technologies has received a Mintos Rating of B+, and the company has 10% skin-in-the-game. All Revo Technologies’ loans come with a buyback guarantee, and investors on Mintos can expect annual returns of up to 10% (loans in EUR) and up to 14% (loans in RUB). 

Revo Technologies’ loans have a maturity from 3 to 24 months and sizes of up to EUR 1400. The average loan term is 7 months and the average loan size is EUR 126.

Taking into consideration the legal requirements and investors’ interests, investors will be able to obtain exposure to Revo Technologies loans by investing in loans issued by Mintos Finance Estonia to Mintos Finance LV. The repayment of each loan issued by Mintos Finance Estonia to Mintos Finance LV will be pegged to the repayment of a respective loan issued by Mintos Finance LV to Revo Technologies which, in turn, will be pegged to the repayment of the respective loan issued by Revo Technologies to the borrower. Mintos Finance Estonia loans will be secured by a pledge on claims arising from Revo Technologies loans issued to borrowers. A detailed description of the new structure is available in the Mintos Finance loan agreement and assignment agreement.

“We’re delighted to start our cooperation with Mintos, which allows Revo to attract retail funding at marketable rates just when it’s needed and have effective communication with investors. While our merchant customer acquisition model and cutting-edge underwriting technology are our primary competitive advantage, partnership with Mintos would add another advantage as we plan our expansion across Central and Eastern Europe,” says Timofey Shagun, General Director of Revo Technologies Russia.

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