A bonus for you and your friends

Love Mintos? Invite a friend, and for a limited time you’ll both earn a bonus on top of your usual returns.

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€ 2 million

total referral bonus paid
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You will get
€50 for each friend who invests €1 000 or more by 05.08.2024
Your friend will get
€50 instant bonus for investing €1 000 or more
And 1% bonus of the average investment in the first 90 days
To get the bonus, your friend needs to register and invest €1 000 or more by 05.08.2024.

Invite your friend to Mintos

Send them your link via email or social media so they can sign up

Your friend starts investing

Wait for them to deposit money and make their first investments

Earn your bonus

Get a €50 bonus if your friend invests €1 000 or more by 05.08.2024