Legal documents

Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions of Mintos Investment Platform

Notes legal documents
Lists Base Prospectuses and any announcements or supplements, and Key Information Documents for all Notes offered on Mintos.

Provides information about Mintos and its services. Information about the methods of communication and the nature, frequency, and timing of reports can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Fees and charges
Lists Mintos fees and an example of costs and associated charges paid for investments in Notes. A downloadable file with the costs and charges example is available under Example of costs and associated charges paid for investments in Notes, ETF portfolios and Mintos Smart Cash.

Managing investment risk
Provides a general description of the nature and risks of financial instruments. A downloadable file with the risk description is available under Disclosure of risks of investing in financial instruments.

How investors are protected on Mintos
Provides information on investor protection, such as safeguarding of investors’ assets, investor compensation scheme, and suitable and appropriate product offering.

Mintos portfolios
Provides information on Mintos portfolio management services.

Description of the target market for financial instruments
Provides information on the target market for the financial instruments that Mintos manufactures and distributes.

Conflicts of Interest Policy
Includes information on how Mintos identifies and manages conflicts of interest.

Order Execution Policy
Describes how Mintos executes clients’ orders.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation
Here you will find the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation disclosures made by Mintos.

In which languages is Mintos available?
Lists the languages in which investors may communicate with Mintos.

Privacy Policy
Informs clients of Mintos and visitors of website about the collection, use, and transfer of their personal data to third parties.

Mintos Group Privacy Policy for Candidates and Applicants
Informs candidates and applicants for jobs at Mintos about the processing of their personal data.

Mintos referral program terms and conditions
The terms and conditions of the Mintos referral program.

Cookies policy
Lists the cookies used on as well as their type and lifespan.

Disclosure about the Mintos Social Media Channels
Informs how Mintos provides and uses information on social media channels.