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Easy to Diversify

You will find a wide breadth of loans to invest in on the Mintos marketplace. Diversify across loan types, loan originators, and different geographies. Reduce the impact of any single loan loss, and earn great returns.

Full Control

You can invest automatically using our Auto Invest tool or choose loans one by one. As you receive principal and interest payments from borrowers each month, the funds become available for you to reinvest or withdraw to your bank account.


Investing in hundreds - or even thousands - of loans and building a well-diversified portfolio has never been easier. Set up Auto Invest according to your chosen investment strategy and let it automatically invest in corresponding loans.

Aligned Incentives

Every loan on the Mintos marketplace is pre-funded by its respective loan originator, which also keeps a certain percentage of the loan on its balance sheet. As a result, the incentives of loan originators and investors are aligned.

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