Updated: Finko UA – Dinero and UkrPozyka – enters a voluntary wind-down



August 28, 2020

Following the recent news on Finko UA (Dinero and UkrPozyka) wind-down, we share an update as the negotiations about the wind-down conditions have continued.  (more…)

Investments in loans issued by Ukrpozyka and Dinero – listed as Finko Ukraine on Mintos – has a parent company guarantee



Updated 30.12.2019

Investments in loans on Mintos marketplace may come with a number of risk mitigation factors. One of them is a corporate guarantee where a third party, typically the loan originator’s parent company guarantees the fulfilment of the loan originator’s obligations, including buyback obligation. It means if a loan originating company cannot fulfil its contractual agreements towards an investor on Mintos, the parent company of that loan originator has to step in and meet the loan originating company’s obligations towards the investors. Read more

Dinero begins to compensate interest on delayed loans



Dinero – the first loan originator from Ukraine to launch on the marketplace, has been part of the Mintos family since August of 2018. Due to recent changes in the legislation of Latvia, there have been changes to the company’s investment structure on Mintos. (more…)

Mintos Ratings update, June 2020



With the latest Mintos Ratings update, we are introducing rating changes for 7 lending companies on Mintos and sharing status overviews for some specific cases on the marketplace. We are also removing the “Ratings Watch” status notification from the loan originators list, and it won’t be used anymore. Where applicable, this status notification will be substituted with a status “Suspended”.  (more…)

Finko extends its Ukrainian loan originator cashback campaign!



Did you miss out on the opportunity to earn a 0.5% cashback? Now there’s another chance – Finko extends its Ukrainian loan originator (Dinero and Ukrpozyka) cashback campaign until February 23!

Please note that if you had enrolled in this campaign before and wish to participate now, you need to enrol once more. (more…)

Finko and Sun Finance extend their holiday cashback campaigns



Did you miss out on the opportunity to earn a 0.5% cashback? Now there’s another chance – Finko and Sun Finance cashback campaign has been prolonged until January 10! (more…)

Finko unifies its loan originators into one group



Finko, a global  finance company, has decided to bring all its brands across different markets under one group brand. Finko’s brands on Mintos are operating in Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia.  (more…)

New Mintos Rating update



First quarter 2019 has been positive for most loan originators on the Mintos marketplace. As a result, Mintos Rating update comes with good news.  (more…)

The first loan originator from Ukraine has launched on Mintos!



Mintos is continuing its geographical expansion and we are happy to announce that we have just launched the first loan originator from Ukraine on the marketplace! Dinero is the fastest growing online lender in Ukraine and it specialises in short-term loans. The company now offers you the opportunity to invest in its short-term loans listed in EUR on Mintos with expected net annual returns of up to 9.5%. (more…)



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