Invest in Fractional Bonds with just €50

Bonds offer a predictable income stream and can help diversify your portfolio. And with Fractional Bonds on Mintos, you finally have a simple and accessible way to invest in them. Get started small from just €50 – no more high minimum investments or complicated processes.

Earn regular income with Fractional Bonds¹ on Mintos.

Invest in small fractions of bonds, starting from just €50
Access high-yield bonds usually not available to retail investors
No fees for investing or administration
Invested € 750

We make bonds accessible

Bonds are notoriously hard to access for retail investors. They typically require investments in the 5-digit range or even higher, and might only be available in specific countries. We want to provide an opportunity for all investors to benefit from investing in bonds: With our Fractional Bonds, you can invest in small parts of bonds, starting from as little as €50. Plus, you can sell your investments on the Secondary Market if you want to cash out early.

Fractional Bonds¹ could be interesting for you if:

You want to earn a fixed income to reach your financial goals
You want to invest in a less volatile asset
You want to diversify across asset classes

Invest in bonds and more

Enjoy diversified, commission free investing starting from just 50€ Get started

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