Earn rental income starting from €50 investment

Discover passive real estate investing on Mintos – a simple and accessible way to invest in rental real estate, without buying an entire property. Earn regular income from rent and potential capital appreciation, starting from just €50.¹

Discover passive real estate investing on Mintos¹

Get started from just €50 Low minimum investment, zero purchasing fees
Regular income stream Earn income from rent and potential capital appreciation
Easy and convenient No hassle with complicated purchasing processes or maintenance
Invested € 500

We make real estate accessible

Rental residential real estate is coveted by investors who draw peace of mind from investing in a tangible asset to generate a long-term income stream. Yet at the same time, it has been out of reach for many.

Traditional investing in real estate has many obstacles

You’d need significant capital to buy the entire property and pay considerable fees or taxes.
Once you become a landlord, you’d have to keep investing your time, such as to find a tenant or to maintain the property.
You might have to go through a lengthy and complex purchasing process, especially when it comes to cross-border investments.
Last but not least, you might be locked in for a long time, as real estate tends to be an illiquid asset.

We want to break down the barriers so that all investors can benefit from investing in rental residential real estate

With passive real estate investing on Mintos, you can start from as little as €50.¹ And if you want to access your capital, the Mintos Secondary Market can offer liquidity.

Passive real estate investing on Mintos could be interesting for you if

You want exposure to rental residential real estate without any of the hassle
You want to earn regular income from rent payments and potential long-term capital appreciation
You want to diversify your investment portfolio
You value the liquidity that the Mintos Secondary Market provides

How passive real estate investing on Mintos works

1 You invest in rental residential real estate on Mintos
2 Rent payments are collected
3 You receive regular income from the rent payments
4 You benefit from potential appreciation of the property

Invest in real estate and more

Enjoy diversified, commission free investing starting from just €50. Get started


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