Increasing account security with SMS two-factor authentication



Credential theft is one of the leading causes of security breaches. With the financial sector being a favorite target for criminals, lawmakers have strengthened requirements for online authentication over the last few years. In the EEA, electronic payments must be performed with two-factor authentication as part of the Revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) that came into force in 2015. As we are working on becoming licensed, Mintos will become subject to these requirements in the coming months. (more…)

We’re making the Conservative strategy even more conservative



Great news for security-minded investors: We’ve heard your feedback and made adjustments to our Conservative strategy. As of today, it will only invest in loans issued by lending companies with less than 3% pending payments (previously 10%).  (more…)

Learn all about the Historical performance of Mintos



To increase transparency for investors, we’re publishing more statistics than ever before. Visit our new Historical performance page to learn more about the past performance of Mintos, including yearly return and loss, and see how Mintos compares against other asset classes.  (more…)

A trend that we like: 43% more women investors on Mintos in 2020



Key takeaways

  • On Mintos, women make 15% of the total number of investors, with a 43% YoY growth in 2020
  • In total, women on Mintos have earned €11.5 million in interest by the end of 2020
  • Women from the Baltics top the list when it comes to share of women in the total number of investors per country
  • The top 4 countries with the largest overall numbers of women investors on Mintos are Germany, Estonia, Spain, and the Czech Republic
  • The average outstanding balance of Mintos…

How does investment in loans compare with stocks over the long term?



No matter what the asset class, a prudent investor will always regard investment as a long-term venture. While the idea of earning high returns from a short-term investment sounds very appealing, the reality is that the unpredictability of global markets and world events are part of what brings an element of risk, that can’t always guarantee 100% success.  (more…)

Overview: The Mintos mobile app’s first birthday



We’re happy to celebrate the first birthday of the Mintos mobile app! Launched on 20 February 2020, the Mintos mobile app had more than 165 000 unique downloads over the course of one year. (more…)

Watch the “Funds in recovery” AMA (Ask Mintos Anything) session



On 28 January, we organized the second AMA (Ask Mintos Anything) session related to funds in recovery on Mintos, hosted by Dmitry Amelin, Debt Collection Manager at Mintos, and Janis Pranevics, Mintos Head of Partnerships.  (more…)

The first update of the Mintos Risk Scores is now live



We’re sharing the first quarterly Mintos Risk Score update since this numerical model for evaluating risk of investing in loans was introduced in October 2020. The current update of the scores and subscores is based on monitoring and evaluation of data from Q3 2020. (more…)

The Mintos Risk Scores will be updated on 27 January



On Wednesday 27 January 2021, the Mintos Risk Score and subscores for loans available for investment on Mintos will be updated across the marketplace. 

The latest updates are made based on data from Q3 2020. This will be the first change to the Mintos Risk Score and subscores since this new tool for risk assessment of loans on our marketplace was launched.  (more…)

We’re improving default diversification for custom automated strategies



On Mintos, we offer various ways to invest. This article offers some insights into the newest features to be added to our custom automated strategies. These strategies give investors extra control over various investment parameters, including the level of diversification. More about custom automated strategies (more…)



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