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2020 is a year people will likely never forget. It has been a challenging time in most industries, including the financial sector. And Mintos is not an exception.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on Mintos which made us even more committed to building the marketplace while making it better for all investors. We’re thankful for the hundreds of comments, reviews, and suggestions investors have shared with us this year, helping us to improve the marketplace.


Updated: Crowdfunding is now live for all



We’re stoked to announce our crowdfunding campaign is open for everyone. Early access has been a blast, and we already raised € 5.3 million from 4600 investors. We crushed our initial €1 million raise target in less than 15 minutes. Thank you! (more…)

Mintos working hours on 18 November, the Independence Day of Latvia



Every year, on 18 November, Latvians celebrate the anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of Latvia by the People’s Council of Latvia in 1918.

We wanted to let you know that this Wednesday, 18 November, Mintos Investors Service won’t be available via phone and chat. You will still be able to reach us via email. Also, please note that money transfers may be delayed as this day is a bank holiday, too. 

We thank you for your understanding!

All the best,

Your Mintos team

Overview of the current COVID-19 statuses in borrowers’ geographies, November 2020



As the numbers of COVID-19 cases grow around the world, countries are reintroducing restrictions and limitations to movement and economic activity, in order to prevent the spread of the virus. As such moves continue to impact many economies, in some cases the financial capabilities of borrowers are being reduced.  (more…)

Follow-up on our recent announcement about Notes



Recently, we shared an update on the upcoming introduction of Notes, the new financial instruments that will be available once Mintos becomes a regulated marketplace. We received a lot of interest and questions on how Notes will work. Below you can see a compilation of the most frequently asked investors questions that popped-up on our blog and in emails to Mintos Investor Service team.  (more…)

Mintos crowdfunding campaign launches on 17 November 2020



The official launch of the Mintos crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube is set for Tuesday, 17 November 2020. 

We’re excited about the upcoming crowdfunding campaign, and we are very motivated by the great interest and response from our community! So far, 19 000 of you have already pre-registered for early access.  (more…)

CEO Martins Sulte shares crowdfunding raise target in call with the community



Earlier this week, Mintos CEO and Co-Founder Martins Sulte hosted a call where he answered questions about our crowdfunding campaign and revealed we are aiming to raise € 1 million.   (more…)

Mintos is crowdfunding



For the first time, our investors will have the chance to own a part of Mintos! In our upcoming fundraising round, we’re allocating part of our target amount for crowdfunding. The campaign is set to launch in late November and by signing up, pre-registered investors will get the opportunity to invest before anyone else. (more…)

Updates by the lending companies on Mintos 6 months into the COVID-19 pandemic



Following the first updates and follow-up updates, we’re now sharing new updates by the lending companies on Mintos on how their business is doing 6 months into the COVID-19 pandemic.


About updates on the suspended and defaulted lending companies



Over the last few months, we changed some things in how we share updates on the suspended lending companies. Here, we’d like to clarify where to find all the necessary information.  (more…)



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