Bambus joins Mintos: Diversify your portfolio with real estate

Real estate’s appeal as a stable, income-generating asset is clear, but high costs, management complexities, and the need for expertise often keep many investors at bay. These barriers not only restrict portfolio diversity but also limit access to the benefits of real estate investing for many.

By introducing a passive real estate investment model, Mintos aims to dismantle these traditional barriers. Our initiative begins with a strategic partnership, introducing our first real estate offerings in collaboration with Bambus ( This initiative paves the way for effortless portfolio diversification, allowing investors to tap into the real estate market with ease and confidence. By making passive real estate investments more accessible, we’re not just opening new doors for our investors but also reinforcing our commitment to innovation and inclusivity in investment opportunities.

Introducing Bambus

Founded in 2018, Bambus stands at the forefront of the Austrian real estate investment scene, specializing in providing liquidity solutions to owners of single-family residential properties.

By allowing clients to sell a share of their property (up to 50%) while retaining living rights, Bambus offers a unique proposition in the market. This innovative model not only facilitates liquidity for property owners for various personal financial needs but also opens a new avenue for Mintos investors to tap into the real estate market with less complexity and lower entry barriers.

Bambus at a glance:

  • Country of operation: Austria, marking a new geographical addition to Mintos.
  • Investment highlights: Indicative interest rate to investors at 5%*, with an additional expected 3%** appreciation in property value.
  • Investment structure: Through an SPV, offering security over financed properties.

*Dependent on net property payments.
**Expected appreciation.

Looking ahead

The Austrian real estate market is poised for growth, with forecasts predicting a steady rise in property prices due to factors like a strong economy, growing population, and limited land supply. Bambus, with its unique model and strategic focus, is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends, offering Mintos investors a promising opportunity to diversify into real estate with confidence.

This partnership exemplifies Mintos’ dedication to bringing diverse, accessible, and innovative investment options to our platform. Bambus not only broadens our investment portfolio but also strengthens our commitment to providing our investors with avenues to build wealth and achieve their financial goals.

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