Introducing Mintos Smart Cash: Earn Up to 3.75% on your cash1

We’re excited to announce Mintos Smart Cash, a new way for investors to earn attractive returns on cash. This new offering lets investors earn returns on their money that would otherwise be sitting in the bank. Mintos Smart Cash stands out as a potentially rewarding investment option, offering a blend of high interest rates, flexibility, and low-volatility investments. The money is invested in a fund with the highest possible rating (AAA) managed by BlackRock.2

What is Mintos Smart Cash?
Mintos Smart Cash is a cash management solution that allows you to invest your money in a money market fund. Money market funds are low-risk, highly liquid investments that pay interest. They focus on generating income by investing in safe, short-term securities such as bank deposits and government securities. These funds aim to earn money while keeping your investment stable and easy to withdraw when needed. They have historically been available to corporate clients to manage liquidity, with limited availability for the public.

Benefits of Mintos Smart Cash:

High interest rate: Earn up to 3.75% interest on your cash, surpassing traditional overnight bank deposits.1 According to the European Central Bank, the average interest rate for overnight bank deposits in the EU is 0.39% as of April 2024.

Maximum flexibility: Withdraw your money any business day. Unlike fixed-term deposits that lock your funds for a specific period, Smart Cash allows same-day withdrawals with no fees or penalties, allowing for maximum flexibility. Whether you’re building an emergency fund, parking money temporarily, or keeping a portion of your wealth liquid, Smart Cash provides the freedom to move your money how you want.

Low risk investment: Mintos Smart Cash is considered a low-volatility investment. The money is invested in a fund with the highest possible rating (AAA) managed by BlackRock, one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions. The rating of AAA is assigned by the three major rating agencies: S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch.2

How does Smart Cash work?

The money you invest in Mintos Smart Cash is invested in the BlackRock ICS Euro Liquidity Fund, which is a low volatility net asset value short-term money market fund. You can read more information on the Key Information Document and on the funds page.

Mintos Smart Cash bridges the gap between conservative investing and passive income generation. With competitive interest rates, flexibility, and low volatility, it’s a compelling option for managing your cash holdings within a diversified investment strategy.

Interest is calculated daily and added to your available cash at the start of each month. The interest income on Mintos Smart Cash depends on the performance of the underlying money market fund.

Start maximizing your cash today with Mintos Smart Cash.


A money market fund (MMF) is not a guaranteed investment vehicle. An investment in MMFs is different from an investment in deposits. The principal invested in an MMF can fluctuate, and the investor is taking on the risk of losing the principal. The MMF does not rely on external support for guaranteeing the liquidity of the MMF or stabilizing the NAV per share.

1 Yield is subject to change in line with the interest rate environment.
2 The fund is rated by external rating agencies. The rating is solicited and financed by BlackRock.

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