We are Mintos - a global platform for investing in loans

Mintos, a global platform for investing in loans, is a go-to investment platform where retail investors can invest in a diversified way in income-producing assets to build wealth in the long term.

By rethinking how money flows across borders from those who want to save and invest to those who want to borrow, we are revolutionizing financial services and contributing to financial inclusion on a global scale.

Today a market leader with 59.32% share in continental Europe, Mintos was founded in 2015 by Martins Sulte, Martins Valters and four founding angel investors - Maris Keiss (co-founder of 4finance and Mogo), Aigars Kesenfelds (co-founder of 4finance and Mogo, angel investor in Artsy and Madara Cosmetics), Kristaps Ozols (co-founder of 4finance and Mogo), and Alberts Pole (co-founder of 4finance and Mogo). The company has raised a total of € 4.5 million to date from above-mentioned angel investors.

In 2020, 6147 crowdfunding investors invested more than €6.55 million in Mintos, the largest crowdfunding amount ever raised on Crowdcube in continental Europe.

We care about sustainability

We’re running the leading platform for investing in loans, and we do it with a high sense of responsibility toward our investors and clients, our society, and our environment. We’re committed to developing best practices and industry standards when it comes to how we do our work. Mintos is an equal opportunity employer and an environmentally friendly community, running its operations by following the responsibilities stipulated in the Mintos Environmental Policy.

Investments in loans available on Mintos at this stage are not regarded as a “sustainable investment” within the definition of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector. In terms of sustainability factors, Mintos does not consider any negative, material, or likely to be material impacts on its investment decisions and investment advice. The company has not identified any significant effects of those investments on sustainability risks, nor has it identified any significant effects of sustainability risks on the investments available on Mintos. Moreover, there is currently no established market practice, technical standard, or data to determine whether investment decisions in the type of financial instruments offered on Mintos can result in adverse impact on sustainability factors.

Nonetheless, Mintos considers its existing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) integration policy to be appropriate and adequate in respect to the services and investment products offered. Mintos aims to implement environmental, social, and employee matters, respect for human rights, anti‐corruption and anti‐bribery matters within its remuneration policy practices and other internal company documents. Mintos’ remuneration policy is in line with the Conflicts of Interest policy that addresses how Mintos prevents the risk of an individual's motivation impacting investment advice or investment decisions.

Get to know our virtues

Mintos Virtues are the foundation of our culture that are based on actions rather than beliefs. The five virtues that shape our culture are to pursue learning and growth, to constantly default to transparency in our work, to have a high level of ownership and a strong commitment to the execution of tasks, and to always think of customers in every detail of work. Read Mintos virtues

Our Team

Passion for growth, finance and technology unites Mintos’s team of close to 120 people. Our management team consists of experienced and highly educated professionals with a background in international corporations and experience in scaling multi-million companies. Meet us!

Martins Sulte
CEO & Co-Founder
Martins Valters
COO & Co-Founder
Karlis Malcenieks
Marcis Gogis
Head of Product
Inese Lazdovska
Head of Legal and Chief Compliance Officer
Aleksandrs Krjukovs
CTO, Chief Technology Officer
Peteris Mikelsons
Head of Partnerships
Karlis Kronbergs
CRO, Chief Risk Officer

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