How It Works


Mintos is a global online marketplace for loans. We provide retail investors with an easy and transparent way to invest in loans originated by a variety of alternative lending companies around the world. Our mission is to facilitate free and efficient movement of capital. At Mintos, investors can invest in different types of loans originated by many different loan originators. There are no fees for investing on Mintos; investors can invest in multiple currencies and start small. Loan Originators, on the other hand, gain access to flexible and scalable funding for growing their loan book. 


How it works?

  1. Borrowers apply for a loan at the loan originator.
  2. The loan originator evaluates the application, sets an interest rate and lends money from its own funds.    
  3. The loans are then listed on the Mintos marketplace, where you can select loans to invest in, thereafter receiving monthly payments and interest.*

* By investing in a loan, investors are buying claim rights against a borrower based on the assignment agreement. Neither Mintos nor the loan originator is responsible for a borrower failing to service the loan, including for late payments. In the case that a borrower is unable to repay the loan, investors may lose some or all of their invested capital.


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