How it works

Low fees. High returns.

We believe investors shouldn’t lose a part of their earned returns to commissions. That’s why we don’t charge any fees for investing on Mintos, or depositing or withdrawing money.

Enjoy fee-free investing

Depositing money
Withdrawing money
Account servicing
Investor support

Fees and charges

Currency exchange

From 0.50% depending on currency pair

Secondary Market

0.85% for selling investments


€2.90 per month

Recovery charges

Depends on the individual case but can’t exceed the recovered amount. We will inform investors about such charges before withholding them.

Additional information

How Mintos makes money

Our main source of income is the commission we take from lending companies when they fund their originated loans through Mintos. Investing activities are free, apart from the fees and charges for additional services listed on this page. We aim to keep our fees low and this is only to help us cover the costs of providing those services.