Invest in loans in a regulated environment

Buy Notes to invest in loans and earn attractive risk-adjusted returns for an affordable entry price.¹ Benefit from increased investor protection in an authorized investment firm.

Regulated financial instruments

Protected by the investor compensation scheme

Low minimum investment from €50

Notes in a nutshell

Notes are financial instruments that allow investors to invest in loans in a regulated environment.² To create a Set of Notes, several The loans underlying each Set of Notes were typically issued by the same lending company in the same country, and they share the same loan type, interest rate, term range, and amount range. Investors can find details on the pool of loans underlying a specific Set of Notes in the base prospectus and final terms. loans with similar properties are pooled together. Each Set has a unique International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) and consists of Notes of €0.01 nominal value each. By investing in a Set of Notes, you gain diversification across all underlying loans in the pool.

Purchasing Notes entitles you to receive repayments and interest payments for the Notes whenever borrowers make payments on the underlying loans. Notes come in a minimum bundle of 5 000 Notes worth €50 per Set you invest in. Each investment provides exposure to all underlying loans in the Set proportional to the loan amount.

How Notes are issued
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Earning a return on the investment
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Additional protection with a buyback obligation
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Selling Notes
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Standardized information about Notes
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Managing investment risk

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