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Loans Originated Total volume of loans issued by this company to borrowers since its founding.
€ 382.8 M
Loan portfolio Loans issued by the lending company to borrowers at the time of the most recent financial statement that are current or less than 60 days late.
€ 28.1 M
Buyback obligation A credit enhancement given by the lending company or other entity to the Issuer for a particular Set of Notes. If an underlying loan is more than 60 days late, the lending company is obligated to buy back the investment at nominal value plus accrued, outstanding or late interest. Usually, this means investors will be able to recover their investment in case of a borrower default.
With a buyback obligation
Skin in the Game To ensure the interests of a lending company and investors are aligned, the company is required to keep a stake of each investment opportunity it offers through Mintos. This is called the company's skin in the game.
Average Interest % The weighted average interest rate of investment opportunities from this lending company.
Joined Mintos:
Nov 2018
Loan Types: The type of linked assets the lending company has issued.
Personal loan Personal loan
Short-term loan Short-term loan
Countries: Countries in which the linked assets were issued by the lending or rental company.
Currencies: Currencies in which investment opportunities from the company are offered.
Effective APR charged to borrowers: APR is not always the most representative measure of the cost of borrowing, therefore, Mintos shows effective APR. This is a unified measure among all loan originators on the platform. To calculate the effective APR, the methodology called XIRR (extended internal rate of return) is used, which is further adjusted to exclude compounding effects. Effective APR is calculated based on the cash flows charged to the borrower which includes principal, interest and any fees charged on a single loan basis, whether they are compulsory or not or are charged by a third party.
Outstanding investments: Total volume of outstanding and available investments from this company on Mintos. Updated daily.
Schedule extension: During the first 30 days after the due date of a loan payment, the borrower can opt for extending the loan payment schedule. The maximum number of extensions depends on the loan agreement and can't be more than 6. If the lending company agrees, the loan will be automatically updated, with the new schedule, and the due dates for all outstanding payments will be extended by up to 31 days. Investors will continue to earn the same interest throughout the remaining loan term.
Up to 6


Cashwagon was founded in 2017. With headquarters in Singapore, the company has operations in five countries – Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Cashwagon believes that their digital products and services are better positioned to meet the needs of their customers – 80% of Southeast Asia’s population that is underserved by traditional financial services. The platform uses innovative methods to enable online short-term loans without collateral requirements, complex approval procedures, or prolonged delays. The result is a credit application and payout process that takes just minutes. All lending activities by Cashwagon in the Philippines are performed by Green Money Tree Lending Corp., a company duly incorporated, registered and licensed by the local authority as a lending company under the laws of the Philippines. Certificate of Authority No. 2343. All loans in Indonesia listed on Mintos Marketplace by Cashwagon are issued by Peerman Pte. Ltd., a company duly incorporated and registered under the laws of Singapore. Peerman Pte. Ltd. acts as a lender to individual borrowers on the online peer-to-peer lending platform operated by Cashwagon. All Vietnamese loans listed on the Mintos Marketplace by Cashwagon are issued by Lendtech Co., Ltd, a company duly incorporated and registered under the laws of Vietnam. Lendtech Co., Ltd, acts as a lender to individual borrowers on the online peer-to-peer lending platform operated by Cashwagon. Cashwagon Pte Ltd provides a group guarantee to secure the buyback execution for loans offered to Mintos investors. On June 8 and June 10 2020, CashWagon Vietnam and CashWagon Philippines and Indonesia were suspended from the Primary and Secondary Markets due to news that the authorities in Vietnam are investigating operations of Cashwagon and in the meantime have frozen the company’s accounts, as per the procedure of the investigation situation in Vietnam. 

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