Last Updated: 31.12.2018. Date when the basic information was updated
Loans Originated Total volume of loans issued by this company to borrowers since its founding.
€ 20 M
Loan portfolio Loans issued by the lending company to borrowers at the time of the most recent financial statement that are current or less than 60 days late.
€ 16.7 M
Buyback obligation A credit enhancement given by the lending company or other entity to the Issuer for a particular Set of Notes. If an underlying loan is more than 60 days late, the lending company is obligated to buy back the investment at nominal value plus accrued, outstanding or late interest. Usually, this means investors will be able to recover their investment in case of a borrower default.
Skin in the Game To ensure the interests of a lending company and investors are aligned, the company is required to keep a stake of each investment opportunity it offers through Mintos. This is called the company's skin in the game.
Average Interest % The weighted average interest rate of investment opportunities from this lending company.
Effective APR charged to borrowers: APR is not always the most representative measure of the cost of borrowing, therefore, Mintos shows effective APR. This is a unified measure among all loan originators on the platform. To calculate the effective APR, the methodology called XIRR (extended internal rate of return) is used, which is further adjusted to exclude compounding effects. Effective APR is calculated based on the cash flows charged to the borrower which includes principal, interest and any fees charged on a single loan basis, whether they are compulsory or not or are charged by a third party.
Outstanding investments: Total volume of outstanding and available investments from this company on Mintos. Updated daily.


Aforti Finance is a non-bank lender that offers loans to small and medium-size businesses in Poland. The company is part of Aforti Holding, which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The majority of borrowers are individual entrepreneurs who are seeking a loan for working capital for their business. Aforti Finance has developed a stringent customer creditworthiness evaluation process. The client needs to have a good credit history and a strong cash flow from their business. On average, one in every four applications is approved. In August 2019, Mintos suspended the Primary and Secondary Market for loans originated by Aforti Finance due to the company’s overdue transfers of borrower’s repayments to investors on Mintos and agreed to a payment schedule with Aforti.

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