Loans Originated Total volume of loans issued by this company to borrowers since its founding.
€ 268.9 M
Loan portfolio Loans issued by the lending company to borrowers at the time of the most recent financial statement that are current or less than 60 days late.
€ 14.7 M
Buyback obligation A credit enhancement given by the lending company or other entity of a lending company group to the investor for a particular investment opportunity. If an underlying loan is more than 60 days late, the lending company is obligated to buy back the investment at nominal value plus accrued interest. Usually, this means investors will be able to recover their investment in case of a borrower default.
With a buyback obligation
Skin in the Game To ensure the interests of a lending company and investors are aligned, the company is required to keep a stake of each investment opportunity it offers through Mintos. This is called the company's skin in the game.
Average Interest % The weighted average interest rate of investment opportunities from this lending company.
Founded: The year the company was founded.
152 (group)
Joined Mintos:
April 2020
Loan Types: The type of loan the company has issued to borrowers.
Personal Loan Pledge type group unsecured
Short-Term Loan Pledge type group payday
Countries: Countries in which the loans were issued by the company.
Currencies: Currencies in which investment opportunities from the company are offered.
Outstanding investments: Total volume of outstanding investments from this company on Mintos. Updated daily.
4 923 205


Finclusion Group’s mission is to enhance financial inclusion in African markets through the delivery of technology-enabled financial services through investing in special situations and implementing methodical turnarounds underpinned by talent, capital and technology. Finclusion Group is currently active in South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania. Its operating entities offer unsecured consumer loans and insurance products through retail customers and MSMEs.

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