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Loans Originated
€ 44 M
Loan portfolio
€ 18.5 M
Buyback Guarantee
With a buyback guarantee
Skin in the Game
Average Interest %
Founded: 2017
Employees: 174
Loan Type: Personal LoanShort-Term Loan
Country: Moldova
Currency: EUR
Effective APR charged to borrowers: 0%-221%
Loans Outstanding on Mintos: € 17 665 953
Schedule extension: Yes


Sebo is one of the top MFI companies operating in Republic of Moldova that offers short-term as well as long-term loans in cash. Sebo takes a personal approach distributing loans through its network of branches in largest cities (Chisinau, Balti, Edinet, Anenii Noi, Ceadir Lunga and Drochia) and a team of sales agents. The company is actively expanding its branch network, by focusing on regional branch development in rural areas where customers are less frequently using banking services online. Sebo Moldova and Dindin Spain both belong to the same group.

Some of the equity investors in the loan originator and Mintos overlap.

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