Last Updated: 05.08.2019.

Loans Originated
€ 36 M
Loan portfolio
€ 17.2 M
Buyback Guarantee
With a buyback guarantee
Skin in the Game
10% - 15%
Average Interest %
Founded: 2015
Employees: 243
Joined Mintos: 28.02.2018
Loan Type: Personal LoanShort-Term Loan
Country: BotswanaZambia
Currency: EUR
Loans Outstanding on Mintos: € 18 695 258
Schedule extension: Yes


ExpressCredit Group is an innovative consumer lender that operates in Botswana and Zambia. Established in 2015, ExpressCredit Proprietary Limited was licensed in January 2017 by the local Botswana regulatory body, Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority. ExpressCredit (YesCash Zambia Ltd) was established in Zambia and obtained a non-deposit taking microfinance institution licence in 2016, from the regulatory governing body, the Bank of Zambia.


ExpressCredit prides itself on its customer service and endeavours to give its clients a personal approach through its multiple branches and sales offices in both countries, with more branches to be opened in 2018.


ExpressCredit primarily offers short-term loans to its customers and matches the repayment dates of the loan to their salaries. It also offers instalment loans to employees of institutions from the Government. ExpressCredit has special agreements with unions and institutions, so all repayments are debited directly from the borrower’s salary ensuring one of the lowest default rates on Mintos. SIA Express Credit provides a group guarantee, to ensure the obligations of the buyback guarantee are fulfilled.


Some of the equity investors in YesCash Zambia Ltd and Mintos overlap.


Mintos and Expresscredit (Proprietary) Limited are related parties according to IAS 24