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Loans Originated
€ 17.4 M
Loan portfolio
€ 12.8 M
Buyback Guarantee
With a buyback guaranteeWithout a buyback guarantee
Skin in the Game
Average NAR%
Website: leaselink.pl
Founded: 2015
Employees: 40
Joined Mintos: 20.09.2018
Loan Type: Business Loan
Country: Poland
Currency: EUR, PLN
Annual percentage rate charged to borrowers: 18%
Loans Outstanding on Mintos: € 1 144 821



LeaseLink was founded in 2015 in Poland. The company is a modern leasing company which stands out on the market due to its quick loan issuance process, which takes only 12 minutes in total, and high-quality customer service. LeaseLink offers business loans denominated in Polish zloty (PLN) to micro and small enterprises from PLN 425 to 42 600 (the equivalent of around EUR 100 - 10 000). A unique feature of LeaseLink is that it gives micro and SMEs another method of payment for products. For certain merchants and partners of LeaseLink, instead of using normal payment methods such as Visa or Mastercard, companies can choose to pay for products and services by using funds from LeaseLink. 

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