Last Updated: 27.06.2019.

Loans Originated
€ 15 M
Loan portfolio
€ 9.0 M
Buyback Guarantee
With a buyback guaranteeWithout a buyback guarantee
Skin in the Game
2% - 5%
Average Interest %
Website: hipocredit.lv
Founded: 2014
Employees: 9
Loan Type: Mortgage Loan
Country: LatviaLithuania
Currency: EUR
Loans Outstanding on Mintos: € 3 677 964
Schedule extension: No


Founded in 2014, Hipocredit issues mortgage loans to both private individuals and companies across Latvia and Lithuania. The team consists of nine people; most of the functions are outsourced (e.g. real estate valuation, legal advice, notary services). Hipocredit's team has a background in the traditional banking industry, real estate industry and consumer lending business, providing a solid foundation for Hipocredit’s operations. Company is issuing EUR 3-5 million of new loans every year. 

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