Loans Originated
€ 2.60m
Loan portfolio
€ 1.14m
Buyback Guarantee
With a buyback guarantee
Skin in the Game
Average NAR%
Website: www.tigo.mk
Founded: 2017
Employees: 37
Joined Mintos: 28.09.2018
Loan Type: Personal LoanShort-Term Loan
Country: FYR of Macedonia
Currency: EUR
Effective APR charged to borrowers: 150%
Loans Outstanding on Mintos: € 1 299 522


TIGO is one of the top fintech companies in Macedonia. The company utilises innovative and modern technology and has implemented an automated approval service that allows loans to be preapproved in just 30 seconds. The company is actively expanding its branch network, although the online loan approval remains its main focus. TIGO Finance is dedicated to offering its users a quick and easy solution for micro-financing. The company offers its customers two loan types - short-term loans and instalment loans up to 24 months.


Some of the equity investors in the loan originator and Mintos overlap.