Loan Details

Country Poland
Loan Type Business loan
Mintos Risk Score
Loan Amount 51 188.19
Remaining Principal 0.00
Original Loan Currency The loan was issued in a different currency. This means the lending company is assuming a currency exchange risk when it forwards borrower repayments to the investor. If the currency of the loan devalues significantly against the currency of the loan on the platform, the lending company's ability to transfer amounts due to the investor might be impacted.
Effective APR charged to borrowers APR is not always the most representative measure of the cost of borrowing, therefore, Mintos shows effective APR. This is a unified measure among all loan originators on the platform. To calculate the effective APR, the methodology called XIRR (extended internal rate of return) is used, which is further adjusted to exclude compounding effects. Effective APR is calculated based on the cash flows charged to the borrower which includes principal, interest and any fees charged on a single loan basis, whether they are compulsory or not or are charged by a third party.
Interest Rate
Initial LTV -
LTV LTV is calculated using current outstanding loan balance against collateral value as of a moment when the loan was issued.
Schedule extension
Amortization Method full
Listing Date 25.07.2018
Date of Issue 24.07.2018
Closing Date 24.01.2020

This loan comes with a buyback obligation. The loan will be bought back from investors if it becomes 60 or more days delinquent.

Investment Breakdown

Lending Company The legal entity that offers investors the opportunity to invest in its loans that it has issued.
Aforti Finance S.A
Group The lending company or group
Group Guarantee Group company (or other related company) of the loan originator is providing a corporate guarantee securing the loan buyback obligation undertaken by the loan originator.

Borrower and Collateral Details

Loan Purpose working_capital
Borrower Company
Business sector Non-specialised wholesale trade
Description GOLD
Country Poland
Risk category Loan risk categories range from A+ to E, where A+ are the safest and lowest risk loans. Risk categories are determined based on an analysis of over 100 factors, including the size and age of the business, financial performance and trends, as well as the credit histories of the company and management. BIK D