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The interest rate is based on the current weighted average interest rate of all outstanding loans on Mintos. Actual returns may be higher or lower.
Earnings (180 m.)1

With monthly deposit

59 475

Without monthly deposit

26 466

Monthly deposit

Total deposit


Earnings (180 m.)1


22 900

82 375

59 475


5 000

31 466

26 466

15 Years

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Safeguarding of investor assets

Mintos is required to hold investors' Notes and cash separately from its own assets. Mintos must keep accurate records and accounts that distinguish all Notes and investor funds from any assets owned by Mintos. As part of this, Mintos reconciles its internal records and accounts regularly and takes steps to ensure it has adequate controls to minimize the risk of loss for investors.

Investor compensation scheme

The scheme protects investors by providing compensation if Mintos fails to return Notes or cash to investors. It covers situations that typically arise from operational errors, for example, if Mintos is involved in fraud or administrative malpractice or if Mintos goes out of business. The maximum compensation an investor can claim under the scheme is 90% of their net loss, up to €20 000.

Importantly, the scheme does not protect against investment risks, for example, poor performance of underlying loans, borrower default, or lending company default.

Suitable and appropriate product offering

As part of being regulated, Mintos must ensure that investors are aware of the risks of investing on Mintos, and that their financial situation allows them to bear these risks. To meet this requirement, we ask investors to complete an assessment that checks whether our products fit their expectations and goals, and are appropriate for their knowledge and experience. The outcome determines which products and services will be available to the investor.

Investor-friendly presentation of information

Investors are provided with in-depth information that aims to help them make well-informed investment decisions. Investors have access to detailed base prospectuses, final terms documents, and key information documents. Information about the investment and relevant risks is presented in a standardized, consumer-friendly format designed to help investors understand the behavior of investment products and compare them with other products.

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