Moneda exits the Mintos marketplace



Moneda, a loan provider in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has decided to exit the Mintos marketplace. 

Due to recently lowered volumes of new loan issuance in the market of operation of Moneda the company has taken a decision that it will no longer need additional funding.  (more…)

Update: Earn up to 16% with Mogo car loans issued in Kenya (limited offer)



For a little over a year, Mogo has been issuing loans in the Republic of Kenya, and starting from today, will also offer these loans for investments on Mintos. Mogo Kenya offers to earn annual returns of up to 13% with car loans listed in € (EUR) on Mintos. 

For a limited time, Mogo will offer up to 16% interest rate for its car loans issued in Kenya. This offer is valid until the end of 2020.

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DoZarplati changes its legal entity



DoZarplati, a lending company from Russia present on Mintos since 2018, has changed its legal entity. Although this change won’t affect the company’s offering nor return rates on Mintos, we reached out with several questions to find out more.

Everest Finanse publishes results for the first 3 quarters of 2020, exceeds 49% equity ratio



Despite a challenging year and a slowdown of issuance at the beginning of the pandemic, Everest Finanse has found a way to maintain profitability by increasing revenue diversification from new lending and non-lending products. This allowed the company to increase their equity ratio above 49%, EBITDA is 12.3% for the first 3 quarters.  (more…)

IDF Eurasia’s Kazakhstan entity reports record revenues and profits in Q3 2020



Kazakhstan’s leading alternative digital lending provider1 and one of IDF Eurasia’s entities, LLP OnlineKazFinance, has published its unaudited results for the 9 months (9m) of 2020:   (more…)

Kredo and Tigo are now a part of Mogo on Mintos marketplace



Mogo group has moved forward with the acquisition plans for Tigo (Finitera North Macedonia) and Kredo (Finitera Albania). Mogo Finance has added both lending companies to its consolidated balance sheet while waiting for approval from the regulators of both countries. Yet to portray the actions taken by Mogo, both lending companies and their listed loans on the Mintos marketplace from now on will be shown as a part of Mogo group. (more…)

IuteCredit places € 10 million tap on existing senior secured corporate bonds



IuteCredit Europe (“ICE”) successfully placed a € 10 million tap issue of its Senior Secured Corporate Bonds 2019/2023 (XS2033386603) at 97% plus accrued interest. Settlement is expected to take place on 3 December 2020. The bonds will be listed on the Regulated Market (General Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange shortly after settlement, subject to final approval of the prospectus by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Luxembourg. (more…)

Fitch Ratings assigns ‘B-‘ credit rating for the ID Finance Spain’s Eurobond issue



Fitch Ratings, one of the top international credit rating agencies in the world, has assigned the ID Finance Spain S.A.U a ‘B-‘ rating for its 9,5% corporate bond 2020/2023. (more…)

Earn up to 15% with Kviku Forward Flow



We’re happy to announce Kviku as the first company from Russia to offer Forward Flow to investors on Mintos.

Forward Flow is a new and unique product in the crowdlending market. A Forward Flow represents a commitment to invest in a set of pre-agreed underlying loans, at a predetermined rate for a given period of time. For the duration of the Forward Flow, investors receive weekly interest payments based on the performance of these underlying loans. (more…)

Mogo Finance reports unaudited results for the nine months 2020



Mogo Finance, a leading used car financing company, published its unaudited results for the nine months of 2020. In this period the company has reached a record EBITDA that increased by 8.3% to €24.7 million. In the third quarter, the company has demonstrated full recovery of sales, growing revenue by 16.3% to €64.9 million. By consistently focusing on the most profitable and highest-ROI developed markets, Mogo has also optimized its portfolio. (more…)



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