Followup statement from Finko on recent Varks licence revocation



Comment by CEO of Finko Group, Janis Pizics for investors on Mintos:

“Following up on my earlier message to investors on Mintos on the Board of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia (CBA) revocation of license for the lending company United Credit Joint Stock Company (Varks), there are couple developments to share as well as answers to questions about Finko I’ve seen on the Mintos blog.” (more…)

Cashwagon: Update on the current situation in Vietnam



Despite its proximity to China, where the coronavirus has originated, SE Asia has been less affected than many European countries. As at 31st of March, there were just a bit over 3000 reported cases in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines combined.  (more…)

AlexCredit loans suspended from the Primary and Secondary Markets



Due to failing to make timely settlement payments for investors on Mintos, we have made a decision to suspend loans originated by the lending company Alexcredit from the Primary and Secondary Markets on Mintos, until further notice.  


Creditstar’s letter to P2P investors



At Creditstar we understand that these can be challenging times for everyone. Not only are people concerned for their health, but it is, understandably, a disorientating time for P2P investors. However, the message from Creditstar is to keep calm and capitalise on higher interest levels offered by loan originators. Here’s how we recommend investors to navigate financially through these uncertain times.  (more…)

Update: Finko AM (Varks) licence revoked in Armenia



On 24 March 2020, the Board of the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia (CBA) published a revocation of license for the lending company United Credit Joint Stock Company, which operates under the brand name Varks. Varks, as a part of the Finko group, is represented as Finko AM on the Mintos marketplace.  (more…)

Statement from Finko on recent Varks licence revocation



Below is a comment we share with investors on Mintos from the CEO of Finko Group, Janis Pizics:

“According to the announcement of the Central Bank of Armenia, the license for business of the lending company United Credit Joint Stock company, represented by a brand name Varks, is revoked. This comes as a significant surprise both to the local team as well as to FINKO Group. The reason for revoking the license given in the statement by the Central Bank of Armenia is capital inadequacy.

Monego: payment from the liquidator received



We’re happy to share good news about Monego: the claims we filed with the Monego liquidator appointed by the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) on behalf of our investors have been partly satisfied. The liquidator made a first € 2 000 000 payment yesterday, 24 March 2020, which has been allocated to investors on Mintos with active investments in Monego loans. Investors who have waited the longest were repaid first. (more…)

Updated: The IFN Extra Finance licence has been revoked



Update 24 March

IFN Extra Finance Mintos Rating will be downgraded for now from B to C, as the company has a limited competitive position and will not issue new loans. The new rating is effective immediately, until further notice.

We have been informed that the National Bank of Romania has revoked the licence of IFN Extra Finance.

The revocation of licence and exclusion from the General Registry and the Special Registry of the Non-bank Financial Institutions of Romania prohibits further lending activity of IFN Extra Finance.   Read more

Finko Group’s 2019 Financial Results and Business Update



Financial results

Finko Group, a technology-driven online and offline lender operating across multiple markets worldwide and the largest loan originator listed on the Mintos platform, has passed the €136 million revenue mark, recording substantial growth over the prior year. The Group’s net profit in 2019 amounted to €17.6 million.  (more…)

Earn 1% cashback with GetBucks’ loans from Africa



Another great opportunity to increase your returns on Mintos. GetBucks has just launched a cashback campaign, valid from 19.03.2020. till 25.03.2020. Enrol here to qualify for a 1% cashback on GetBucks’ loans with over 24 months maturity, from Botswana and Kenya.  (more…)



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