IuteCredit Group reports strong 2019



Estonian international fintech company IuteCredit Group increased its issued loan volume by 86%, finishing 2019 with EUR 152 million. The increased volume is the result of IuteCredit’s innovative technical solutions to speed up risk assessment for loans (more…)

ID Finance splits operations into two groups – ID Finance and IDF Eurasia



As of December 2019, ID Finance has decided to split its operations into two groups:

ID Finance – loans from Spain and Mexico;

IDF Eurasia – loans from Kazakhstan. 

Starting from 18.03.2020., both groups are listed separately on Mintos as independent lending companies. Investors’ Auto Invest preferences will be automatically adjusted to all 3 countries. To exclude any of the two groups, investors need to update their Auto Invest settings manually.  Read more

A detailed description of recent MyBucks legal changes



Last year we informed investors about the changes in MyBucks S.A. (“MyBucks”). As there have been several important developments after that, we feel that they should be described in more detail. The CEO of MyBucks, Timothy Nuy, took the time to chat with Mintos about the situation in the company.  (more…)

Finko Armenia launches a 2% cashback campaign for Forward Flow



Today, we are pleased to announce some good news for all Mintos investors – Armenian Loan originator Varks, that is part of Finko group (with “B+” Mintos Rating), is now offering you the chance to earn a 2% bonus with Forward Flow.   (more…)

Earn up to 15% with Finko Armenia Forward Flow



We’re happy to announce Finko Armenia (Varks) as the first lending company to offer Forward Flow on Mintos.

Forward Flow is a new and unique product in the crowdlending market. A Forward Flow represents a commitment to invest in a set of pre-agreed underlying loans, at a predetermined rate for a set period of time. For the duration of the Forward Flow, investors receive weekly interest payments based on the performance of these underlying loans.  (more…)

Loan originator Peachy will discontinue operation in the UK



We have been informed by our cooperation partners at the loan originator Peachy, the trading name of a company Cash On Go Limited, of their decision to discontinue business operation in the UK.  (more…)

Owner of Banknote & Vizia updated its corporate identity and launched a subscription for a new EUR 5 million bond issue



The second largest non-bank consumer lender in Latvia, SIA ExpressCredit announces the change of its corporate identity which is effective as of 4th February.  The new corporate identity represents not only a new name but also an updated mission and values. From now on, employees, cooperation partners, investors and regulators will know the holding as DelfinGroup, whereas clients will continue to use the company’s key products known by their brand names – Banknote and VIZIA.  Read more

Kredo and Tigo are now Finitera



Loan originating brands Kredo and Tigo are uniting under a single company, Finitera, an existing alternative lending company. During 2019 Finitera underwent structural changes to improve the efficiency of its business operations and bring all the products across different markets under one company, that way creating Finitera group. From now on Kredo and Tigo issued loans on Mintos will be listed as Finitera loans.  (more…)

Moneda, the first loan originator from the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, launches on Mintos



We are pleased to announce another loan originator has joined Mintos! Moneda, a micro-crediting company from the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, launches on Mintos and offers to invest in euro (EUR) loans with interest rates of up to 16%.  (more…)

New loan originator Kiva joins Mintos



Recently launched in Russia, Kiva is a new loan originator joining Mintos this month and offering its short-term loans for investment in Euro (EUR).  (more…)



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