Mintos Core ETF: simplifying the investment journey

Investing in ETFs can be quite a maze. You start by wading through a sea of options to pinpoint the right ETFs that align with your needs. But the choice isn’t just about the ETFs themselves; you also have to ensure they’re in the appropriate currency and offer a tax setup that works for you.

From the initial research to the final steps, navigating through the time-consuming intricacies of selecting and purchasing ETFs on a suitable platform, while also understanding the broker’s fee structure and terms, is a thoroughly complex process.

That’s exactly why we created Mintos Core ETF. Designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of investors, it’s user-friendly and ideal for both newcomers and seasoned investors.

Understanding the role of Mintos Core ETF in your investment portfolio

An investment portfolio is a collection of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, and other investment vehicles. The composition of these assets is aligned with an investor’s financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. Mintos Core ETF plays a crucial role in this mix, and acts as the anchor of your portfolio, providing the necessary stability and reducing the need for frequent adjustments. This aligns with long-term investment goals and risk management, making Mintos Core ETF a key component for strategic asset allocation.

Mintos Core ETF stands out by offering a personalized investment experience. It provides broad and diversified exposure, encompassing a wide range of industries and sectors. This broad coverage makes it particularly suitable for long-term investment strategies, where steady growth and risk mitigation are key objectives.

Composition and personalization of Mintos Core ETF

At Mintos, we understand that each investor’s risk tolerance and financial goals are unique. That’s why Mintos Core ETF is personalized to match different risk profiles. By adjusting the composition of assets within each ETF portfolio, we tailor the risk level to suit each investor. 

This personalization ensures that whether you’re a cautious investor leaning towards bond ETFs or someone comfortable with the higher volatility of stock ETFs, your Mintos Core ETF portfolio will fit your profile.

The selection of assets within Mintos Core ETF is a meticulous process, guided by several key criteria.

Issuer reputation: We choose ETFs issued and managed by internationally recognized companies with a proven track record, like iShares, Amundi, and Vanguard. This ensures confidence in the management and experience handling investor assets.

ETF size and duration: We opt for ETFs with substantial assets under management and a long market presence, indicating stability, liquidity, and lower risk of closure.

Cost efficiency: Our focus is on ETFs with low Total Expense Ratios (TERs), as lower costs can significantly impact long-term profitability.

Regulatory compliance: We exclusively select UCITS-regulated ETFs, ensuring adherence to stringent regulatory requirements for investor protection and transparency.

Tax efficiency: We prioritize tax-efficient ETFs in Europe, carefully selecting domiciles with favorable tax treaties to reduce withholding taxes on dividends and optimize capital gains tax structures. This approach enhances net returns for investors and ensures broad market exposure, contributing to a well-balanced investment portfolio.

Low tracking error: ETFs in our portfolio exhibit low tracking errors, ensuring that they closely follow their benchmark indices.

Dividend distribution strategy: We prefer accumulating ETFs, where dividends are reinvested, to reduce tax burdens and defer tax payments until the sale of the ETFs.

Replication method: Our preference leans towards physically replicated ETFs, minimizing additional third-party risks associated with synthetic replication.

Emphasizing passive investments, long-term growth

Passive investing is a strategy that involves investing in funds which track a market index, such as the S&P 500 or MSCI World, rather than trying to outperform the market. The rationale behind this approach is based on the Efficient Market Hypothesis, which suggests that beating the market consistently through active management is difficult due to the market’s inherent efficiency. 

Implementing this strategy, passive ETFs aim to mirror the performance of their benchmark index, offering investors benefits like broad market exposure, lower fees, and diversification. This approach is particularly effective over the long term, as it seeks to capture the market’s overall growth, making it suitable for investors with a long investment horizon.

Active investing in ETFs, on the other hand, involves more direct management, where fund managers make specific investment decisions with the goal of outperforming a benchmark index. This approach requires rigorous market analysis, forecasting, and a more hands-on strategy. 

While active investing offers the potential for higher returns, it also comes with increased risks and typically higher fees. For ETF investors with a shorter investment horizon, or those willing to take on more risk for potentially greater rewards, active investing can be appealing.

Advantages of long-term, passive investing

  1. Lower costs: By avoiding the frequent buying and selling inherent in active management, passive investing typically incurs lower fees and transaction costs. This strategy helps in maintaining more of the investment returns over time, as it minimizes expenses that can otherwise reduce these returns.
  2. Market representation: Passive investment strategies, when diversified, offer broad market exposure. Diversification in this context means investing in a wide range of stocks or sectors rather than concentrating on individual choices. This approach reduces the risk associated with picking specific stocks or sectors, as it spreads investments across the broader market.
  3. Reduced emotional investing: This approach helps investors avoid making impulsive decisions based on short-term market fluctuations, which can be detrimental to long-term financial goals.

Who can invest with Mintos Core ETF?

Investing, at its core, is about balancing risk with potential returns. This balance is particularly pivotal when considering Mintos Core ETF, as it caters to a wide range of risk tolerances and investment objectives.

Tailoring to individual risk profiles

  • Conservative portfolio: For investors who prioritize capital preservation over high returns, our conservative portfolios predominantly include bond ETFs. These are ideal for those with a lower risk tolerance, offering stability and steady, albeit typically lower, returns.
  • Balanced portfolio: This approach is a mix of stocks and bonds, to offer a middle ground. This approach is suitable for investors who are willing to take on some risk for potentially higher returns.
  • Growth-oriented portfolio: Aimed at investors with a high-risk tolerance and a longer time horizon, high-risk portfolios are heavily weighted towards stock ETFs. While they come with higher volatility, they also offer the potential for higher returns over the long term.1

Aligning with investment horizons

Mintos Core ETF is structured to be particularly effective for long-term investment horizons. The emphasis is on gradual growth and capital appreciation over time, rather than short-term gains. This approach aligns well with the investment goals of individuals looking to build wealth steadily, whether for retirement, education funding, or other long-term objectives.

What sets Mintos apart is our commitment to aligning Mintos Core ETF with the individual investor’s long-term strategy. We understand that each investor’s journey is unique, and our platform reflects this by offering ETF portfolios based on individual risk profiles and investment goals.

The chosen risk profile of a Mintos Core ETF portfolio should align with the investor’s time horizon:

  • Short-term goals: For investors with shorter time horizons, a conservative approach is often recommended to minimize the risk of market volatility.
  • Long-term goals: Investors with longer horizons are matched with portfolios that have balanced to high risk profiles. These portfolios are designed to offer the potential for higher returns, with sufficient time to recover from market fluctuations.

Mintos Core ETF is tailored to various investor profiles, balancing risk and return. The focus on long-term, passive growth, coupled with diversification, positions it as a stable foundation for any portfolio. Starting from just €50, Mintos Core ETF makes it accessible for everyone to begin their investment journey.

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1 It’s important to note that returns are not guaranteed, and capital is at risk.


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