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current average interest rate¹

€ 9.9 billion

invested in loans since 2015


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Transparent risk assessment
Unmatched diversification opportunities

Push the boundaries on traditional investment returns

With thousands of loan opportunities to choose from, investing with Mintos can earn you higher returns compared to bank deposits as well as popular international indexes for stocks, bonds, and real estate.²

1090 €

Real estate

1205 €

Investment-grade bonds

1400 €

High-yield bonds

1720 €


1750 €


Growth of a €1000 investment on Mintos over 5 years, compared to other investment asset classes

Benefit from the investor compensation scheme

Mintos is a member of the national investor compensation scheme established under the EU Directive 97/9/EC. Under that scheme, retail investors are entitled to compensation of 90% of any permanent losses that occur if Mintos fails to meet its obligations towards the investor, up to a limit of €20 000. Learn more

Manage risk with the buyback obligation

Over 99% of loan investments on Mintos include a buyback obligation, adding another layer of security for investors. This means that if any repayment by the borrower is delayed by more than 60 days, the lending company is obliged to buy back the loan, together with any interest.

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