Mintos and your data

We protect your information and handle your data with care.

Your personal data is yours

We’re committed to being transparent about which data we store about you, why we store it, and how we process and use it.

Your data at Mintos

Personal identity data
Details like your name, address, and date of birth help us confirm you’re really you and protect you and us against fraud. We only ask for the information we are required to hold under applicable law or for any other purposes mentioned in the User Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy.
When you sign up, we are required by law to verify your identity. To make the process fast and convenient, we offer online verification using your phone or laptop camera. This is similar to how banks check your identification document when you open an account, just using modern technology.
We work with a third party, Veriff, to help us with the identity check. You can read more about how Veriff processes your data in its privacy policy. We also store your document photos according to applicable law.
Personal financial data
When you deposit or withdraw money, we store the financial details you provide to process your transfer.
In certain cases, we are legally required to ask you additional questions about your financial details. This only affects some of our investors, and the data will only be used to meet our obligations under applicable law.

How we put you in control

Sometimes we send you updates about your account and promotions that may interest you. What you receive from us is up to you, and you have the right to opt out anytime.

Daily summary
We’ll send you an overview of your Mintos account, including returns, profits, and more.
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We’ll let you know when money you have added to your Mintos account is available
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We’ll let you know when your withdrawal has been processed.
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Bonus payments
We’ll send you a notification when bonus payments have been credited to your account – for example, when you refer a friend.
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We’ll send you news on our products and services, such as new features, updates on the marketplace, and content to enhance your investing experience.
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You can read more in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

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