Updated: new Mintos investment strategies creating more choice for investors



9 September 2020

Since the launch of the new strategies on 13 August, we’ve received and taken into account the feedback from many investors, and we’re introducing 2 updates:

  • We’ve increased the quality standard for the Conservative strategy by allowing the algorithm to invest only in loans issued by lending companies that have B+ or higher ratings. The lending companies rated with B and B- are not included in this strategy anymore. If your strategy invested in B or B- loans, you can…

Our due diligence process for onboarding Loan Originators



Before a Loan Originator can offer loans on Mintos, we carry out a series of due diligence reviews and checks to find out if they’re suitable for our platform. These checks are the most important aspect of our onboarding process for new Loan Originators, since many investors measure risk based on knowledge of previous loan performance or the profile of the Loan Originator themselves.   (more…)

Introducing personalized information on amounts in recovery



Key takeaways

  • Mintos will introduce a dashboard with personalized information about funds in recovery
  • Investors can see their exposure for each lending company


Mintos on the way to become a regulated marketplace for investing in loans

Mintos on the way to become a regulated marketplace for investing in loans



Earlier this year, Mintos applied for the Investment Firm license as well as for an Electronic Money Institution license. Now, as we come closer to implementing various changes related to the anticipated licenses, we’re sharing more on how becoming a regulated marketplace will affect investors.  (more…)

Mintos Consolidated annual report for the year 2019



We are publishing the Mintos Holdings Consolidated annual report to inform our investors and other stakeholders about Mintos business results from 2019.  (more…)

Improving the transparency around pending payments



We have received a lot of feedback from investors about pending payments. While pending payments always were a part of normal business operations, before the Covid-19 crisis they usually settled on time and were hardly noticeable to investors. The recent increase is a new situation also for us, and we appreciate all the feedback we received from you. We heard you, and we want to share some improvements we’re making to increase transparency for investors.  (more…)

Overview of the imposed moratorium duration periods in the countries of lending companies on Mintos



In this overview, we are taking a look at the current status of moratorium duration periods in the countries of lending companies on Mintos. We will address status only for the countries that had a type A moratorium or an imposed moratorium, as measures coming with this type of moratorium have limited duration periods. For some mentioned countries, these periods could be extended or finished, affecting the stream of borrowers’ repayments to lenders, or the ability to collect repayments for lending companies.   Read more

Everything you wanted to know about loan lifecycle and status



Ever wondered how loans progress over time, or what all these loan statuses mean? Let’s get right into it and look at the loan lifecycle and statuses in more detail. (more…)



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