“Is that really you? Please, verify.”



If one wakes up an AML officer in the middle of the night and asks “Why do we need the identity verification?”, the person will, most probably, give these answers: 

1. Identity fraud is continually on the rise with people all around the world using more and more devices to connect their personal data to different apps, services and payment systems;

2. If identity fraud happens, identity verification is the ultimate tool that can help the user prove that a particular account belongs to them, just like the money, investment or whatever else is associated…

Mintos now serves more than 200 000 investors globally!



When a startup begins talking about “hundreds of thousands of customers” – this becomes a great achievement to leverage for marketing purposes, but it also takes responsibilities to the next level for the whole team. With this in mind, here we are at Mintos in November 2019, operating a marketplace with 215 000 investors, looking to reach 300 000 milestone in a matter of a few months! This is a great milestone to take a closer look at the people and habits that make our marketplace: Mintos investors. Read more

EUR 4 billion invested on Mintos!



Operating the leading marketplace for investing in loans means talking big numbers. Thousands of loans from dozens of countries are available on Mintos daily. More than 200 000 of those looking to seize the opportunities of investing in loans have joined us since 2015. Still, there are millions of potential investors who are yet to discover that investing in loans is an easy and a great way to earn passive income, and hundreds of millions of loans to borrowers that are in the domain of our addressable market. Read more

Take a look at where we work: new home for the #mintospeople



For two months now, we were getting adjusted to the new space we call the home of #mintospeople. With the team that’s scaled for around 200% in a period of one year, today we are 170+ professionals operating the leading European marketplace for investing in loans. So far, Mintos has invested close to EUR 500 000 in the eco-friendly 2,500 square meters of office space in Riga, Latvia. (more…)

Mintos is the only double award winner of the AltFi Awards 2019!



We are honored to share that Mintos is named the Alternative Finance Platform of The Year 2019 and has received the People’s Choice Award for the fourth year in a row at the AltFi Awards 2019! (more…)

Limited working hours on November 18, 2019



Due to the public holiday on Monday, November 18, 2019, Mintos will have limited working hours. Our Investor service team will not be available via chat or phone lines, with the limited availability via email – only during Monday. (more…)

AML: guarding the digital persona



Constantly challenged by innovative fintech companies, lawmakers are continuously reshaping legal regulations in order to protect customers, companies and their business clients from illegal activities that might threaten the integrity and the safety of all the stakeholders mentioned, with tools like identity verification. Arising from local and global legislations, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is positioned as the legal guard that is protecting companies and their clients from the intrusions of illegal money-related activities. (more…)

Dinero begins to compensate interest on delayed loans



Dinero – the first loan originator from Ukraine to launch on the marketplace, has been part of the Mintos family since August of 2018. Due to recent changes in the legislation of Latvia, there have been changes to the company’s investment structure on Mintos. (more…)

Pending payment – new status functionality on Mintos



In the upcoming months we will introduce the Pending payment description to Mintos – a payment status functionality that will provide investors with clarity over the status of borrowers’ payments in the funnel from loan originators to the Mintos marketplace.  (more…)

Mintos Ratings Update for October 2019



In the fourth quarter of 2019, we are presenting you with the third Mintos Ratings update so far. (more…)



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