Discover new ways to grow your money: introducing Mintos in Germany

Hello, Germany! 🇩🇪 Mintos has officially launched in the German market, and we’re excited to share more with you. Our focus is simple, yet straightforward – offering you accessible new ways to invest your money, so you can diversify your portfolio, all in one place. 

Diversification at your fingertips

By breaking down barriers to high-value investment options, we make investing an accessible journey for a wide range of investors. 

  1. Fractional Bonds: Historically, bonds, especially high-yield bonds, have been out of reach for retail investors without substantial capital. On Mintos, instead of purchasing an entire bond, investors can buy small fractions of it, starting at just €50. They are called “fractional” because they offer access to small parts of a larger underlying asset that an investor might otherwise not be able to afford. A game-changer for bond investments, they offer a practical and affordable way for retail investors to access specific bonds.
  2. Mintos Core ETF: Ranging from conservative to growth-oriented, the composition of assets within each ETF portfolio is adjusted to fit your investment goals and risk tolerance. ETFs included in Mintos Core ETF portfolios are well-suited for long-term growth and risk management.
  3. Investing in loans: Mintos partners with lending companies worldwide, allowing investors to access a diverse range of loans. These lending companies provide financing to individuals and small businesses. This broad investment opportunity allows retail investors to potentially earn attractive returns and to benefit from global financial diversification. 

Invite your friends and earn more with Mintos!

To celebrate our launch in Germany, invite your friends to Mintos1 to earn a bonus, up to 31 March 2024, exclusively for our investors in Germany:

  • Earn rewards: Earn an additional 25% referral bonus when your recommend Mintos — €62.50 per friend!
  • Limited edition sweatshirt: Refer two or more friends, and you could be one of the 100 recipients of our limited Mintos Deutschland sweatshirt.
  • Your friend also benefits: Your friends will also benefit by receiving €50 plus a 1% bonus on their average investment for the first 90 days. 

Have questions? We’re here to help

Investing can bring up many questions, and we understand the importance of having reliable and accessible support. 

  • Help Center: For support and insights, check out our Help Center. It’s a space where you can find answers, share experiences, and hear more from other investors. 
  • German-speaking investor service team: Our team is on hand to assist you with any questions you might have. Just reach out!

Ready to start investing? Grow your portfolio with Mintos today. 

1 The bonus will be paid to your Mintos account within 7 days following the end of your bonus offer period. Payout of the bonus is contingent upon successful completion of the campaign, in accordance with the terms. Please see Terms and Conditions here.


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