Mintos to launch new Overdue page

We’re launching a new Overdue page on 6 March 2023 to improve transparency around overdue payments. This page will show you a breakdown of your payments that are in recovery and the recovered amounts. It will replace the current “In Recovery” page on your Mintos account and will be accessed the same way.

We’re also moving lending companies that have restructured pending payments – currently Creditstar, ID Finance, and IDF Eurasia – to the new page in the coming weeks. Temporary cases will include payments that are delayed more than 7 days within the usual settlement process, but are not considered ongoing cases. Common reasons for such short delays could be a held-up bank transfer or a payment review by the commercial bank.

From the Overdue page, you will have access to background information, an explanation of the new, more detailed case statuses, as well as the reports you’re used to.

The next update on amounts recovered from the suspended and defaulted lending companies will be published together with the new page.

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