New product launch: Passive real estate investing

Welcome to April’s edition of Mintos affiliate news. We’re thrilled to announce we just launched passive real estate investing!

By introducing passive real estate investing, we aim to open up the world of rental residential real estate to our investors, combining the traditional benefits of property investment with the ease and accessibility Mintos is known for. This approach allows investors to tap into the real estate market’s potential, expanding their portfolio diversification without the complexities traditionally associated with property investment.

Key features of passive real estate investing on Mintos

  • Income and growth: Earn regular income from rent payments and potential property value appreciation.
  • Hassle-free management: Enjoy property investment benefits without management headaches.
  • Liquidity through Mintos: Access your investment easily via the Mintos Secondary Market.
  • Accessible investment: Start with investments as low as €50.

This initiative aligns with our commitment to provide a diverse range of investment opportunities, democratizing access to different markets and asset classes.

How does it work?

Investors on Mintos purchase financial instruments linked to rental properties, thereby participating indirectly in the real estate market. This method offers a practical and affordable solution to earn from rental payments and, crucially, partake in the potential appreciation of property values over time. Without the need for direct involvement in property management or bearing the burdens of landlord responsibilities, investors can focus on the strategic aspect of their portfolios. Investing in real estate is traditionally very expensive and unattainable to average investors. Mintos is creating a low entry point for investing in real estate, making this asset more accessible

Mintos simplifies the process, from selection to investment, enabling a smooth transition into real estate investing. It presents a compelling case for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio with real estate, offering regular income streams and the prospect of long-term capital gains. Furthermore, Mintos provides an avenue for liquidity through its Secondary Market, making real estate investing more flexible and accessible than ever before.

Returns for investors

The return is based on cash flows from the real estate. Investors will earn regular returns from net rent payments. The maturity of each investment in passive real estate on Mintos varies by property. Generally, these are long-term investments, with maturities typically ranging from 10 to 25 years.

Learn more about passive real estate investing on Mintos.

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