Regulation takes transparency on Mintos to the next level

When investing in Notes on Mintos as a regulated platform, investors benefit from being able to view in-depth and transparent information before they make investment decisions.

What does transparency mean, and why is it important?

When it comes to Notes, transparency means investors have access to all of the information that’s required to make a well-informed investment decision. This includes in-depth details on how Notes work and the risks associated with investing in them.

This information is presented in a standardized, investor-friendly format that’s used across all regulated investments. So it’s easy to compare Notes investments with each other and other securities (such as stocks or ETFs).

Unregulated platforms aren’t required to provide investors with this level of detail, meaning it may be more difficult to fully understand the product you’re about to invest in and the risks associated with doing so. Plus, it can be harder to compare different investments when they’re not presented in the standardized format that’s followed by regulated platforms.

Transparent information about Notes on Mintos

In accordance with Prospectus Regulation, we create two documents for each Set of Notes that provide you with detailed information.

First, there are the Mintos Notes base prospectuses. These base prospectuses provide details about the underlying loans, the risk factors, the lending company, Mintos, and other general transactional information. Each base prospectus is approved by the FCMC (the governing body for prospectus regulation in Latvia) and NASDAQ (the issuer of ISIN codes for Notes). Typically, there’s one base prospectus issued for each lending company. To view the base prospectuses currently available, visit our page on legal documents.

The details not included in a base prospectus are added to the Final Terms. This document is unique to each Set of Notes and annexed to a base prospectus. It provides specific details about the underlying loans of a Set of Notes, such as currency and loan terms.

The Final Terms also include the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) for the Set of Notes, which is provided by Nasdaq CSD SE’s regional central securities depository. ISIN codes are used to uniquely identify securities (in this case, a Set of Notes) and help create clarity and accuracy when trading, clearing, and settling investments in securities.

In addition, we provide you with key information documents (KIDs) for each Set of Notes. Prepared under the Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) regulation, KIDs are more concise than a base prospectus. A KID aims to help you understand and compare the key features, risks, rewards, and costs of different investment products more quickly and efficiently. 

Finally, we also publish relevant disclosures and policies, including information on investment risk and fees. View disclosures.

To learn more about the protection mechanisms of regulation, see investor protection on Mintos.


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