The Investor Toomas Conference: Watch Mintos CEO Martins Sulte’s Discussion

Mintos CEO and Co-Founder Martins Sulte’s discussion with Kristi Saare at the Investor Toomas conference is now available to watch on our website!

They discussed the challenges Mintos has faced, like the COVID-19 crisis, and the effects of the war in Ukraine. Sulte provided insights into how Mintos has evolved throughout its 7-year history, and where we’re headed next.

For those who were unable to attend, a video of the discussion with Sulte is now available below, making it more accessible for people to learn about how Mintos is performing.

Watch now!

Kicking off 2023 on a high note, Mintos CEO and Co-Founder Martins Sulte will speak at this year’s Investor Toomas Conference, taking place on 21 January 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia. 

Following a successful event in 2022, the Investor Toomas Conference makes a much-anticipated return this year. Attendees can look forward to learning more from industry experts about investment trends, opportunities, and entrepreneurship, to name a few. 

Sulte will be put in the hot seat, where he will discuss approaches to outperform the market with crowdfunding. He draws from his experience of running a successful crowdfunding campaign. He will be joined by entrepreneur and blogger Kristi Saare, winner of the title Investor of the Year 2021. 

Find out more or register your interest. We look forward to seeing you there! 


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