Mintos now available in French – Nous parlons français!

We’re delighted to announce that Mintos is now available in French. Currently, Mintos is available in 9 languages, and as we grow, we’re rapidly adding new languages.

The launch of our website in French is a response to the growing demand for investments in financial instruments in France. With Mintos’ expansion into this space, we’re excited to bring a new and inclusive experience to our investors in France, as we hope to make a significant impact on the way French investors choose to grow their wealth.

With the addition of French, we are excited to be expanding our ability to cater to a new base of French-speaking investors who are looking to build their long term wealth.

Expanding investment opportunities for French investors

On Mintos, we connect our investors with loan opportunities originating from lending companies from various countries and currencies. With the launch of Notes in 2022, regulated financial instruments which consist of underlying loans, investors gain access to a variety of options, allowing them to diversify their portfolios and potentially earn higher returns.

Providing the best customer service

We are actively hiring and building our team of Investor Support Associates to offer support in French. In coming months, all additional publications and our mobile app will also be rolled out in French.

Celebrating our growth together

To celebrate the launch of Mintos in French, we are offering you and your friends a one time bonus on top of your usual returns, with our Refer a Friend program. This offer is limited in its availability and will run until 31.01.2023.

Invite your friends to sign up with Mintos and you will both receive €50 if your friend invests €1 000 or more (by 31 January 2023). Your friend will also receive a 1% bonus on the average investment in the first 90 days.

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