New Agrocredit Fractional Bonds on Mintos

We’re excited to announce that we just launched new Fractional Bonds on Mintos! This is our first Fractional Bonds offer from Agrocredit, and there is a limited supply. Agrocredit is offering bonds in the amount of up to €10 million. The proceeds from the bonds will be used to further the growth of the core business — issuing seasonal financing for grain growers.

Key features of the Fractional Bonds:

  • Yield to maturity (YTM) for the initial listing: 8.002%1
  • Coupon rate: 7%2
  • Interest payments: annually on 31 December
  • Maturity date: 31 December 2026

Fractional Bonds on Mintos

Our initial offering significantly lowers the barrier to entry, enabling investments from as low as €50. Additionally, investors who wish to cash out early may do so on the Mintos Secondary Market.

Want to know more? If you’re new to the world of bonds and want to understand more about how they work, we’ve put together resources to help you get started and make informed investment decisions.

Do you have questions about Fractional Bonds on Mintos? You’re welcome to share your questions in the Fractional Bonds thread on the Mintos Community.

About Agrocredit

Agrocredit is a non-banking lender specializing in financing the farmer sector by offering business loans since 2011. The core business is granting seasonal financing to grain growers against fixed future grain (mainly wheat) contracts. The core customer profile is professional, business oriented grain growers with land plots above 100 ha, and exporters who conclude fixed future grain stock exchange contracts. Agrocredit has a conservative risk taking policy and is offering a demanded niche product with specific collateral.

1 Future listings for these Fractional Bonds might be offered at a different YTM
2 The Fractional Bonds are offered at a discount, hence the expected return for investors holding the investment till its maturity (YTM) is higher than the coupon rate of the underlying bond.

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