New DelfinGroup Fractional Bonds on Mintos

We’re excited to announce that we just launched new Fractional Bonds on Mintos! This is our first Fractional Bonds offer from DelfinGroup, and there is a limited supply. Subscription for Fractional Bonds on Mintos ends 22 December.

DelfinGroup issued €15 million in private unsecured bonds (ISIN LV0000860146). The proceeds from the new bonds will be used to further diversify the company’s financing structure and to continue business development.

Key features of the bonds: 

  • Nominal value: Each bond has a nominal value of €1 000.
  • Coupon rate and coupon payment frequency: The high-yield bond has an annual coupon rate of 9% + 3M EURIBOR, with monthly payments. The maturity date is set for 25 November 2026.

Fractional Bonds on Mintos

Our initial offering significantly lowers the barrier to entry, enabling investments from as low as €50. Additionally, investors who wish to cash out early may do so on the Mintos Secondary Market.

Want to know more? If you’re new to the world of bonds and want to understand more about how they work, we’ve put together resources to help you get started and make informed investment decisions.

Do you have questions about Fractional Bonds on Mintos? You’re welcome to share your questions in the Fractional Bonds thread on the Mintos Community.

About DelfinGroup

DelfinGroup is a licensed fintech company established in 2009 and operates under the brand names Banknote and VIZIA. The company has been profitable every year since 2010. DelfinGroup continuously develops and offers consumer and pawn loans, loans developed for senior citizens, buy now pay later loans (BNPL loans), and the sale of pre-owned goods online and at more than 90 branches across Latvia. Since 2014, DelfinGroup has been known on the Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange as a bond issuer and, since 2021, as a listed company on the Baltic Main List. The company regularly pays dividends to its shareholders. The sustainability of DelfinGroup is based on focused corporate governance, fintech innovation, responsible lending, financial inclusion, and facilitating the circular economy.

Starting from 06.05.2021 there have been changes in the ownership structure and some equity investors overlap with Mintos.


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